What is SMS or Mobile Marketing?

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1. The behavior of a Mobile User
2. Mobile Responsive Websites 
3. How to Create an Application?
4. Mobile Advertising
5. Mobile Analytics
6. SMS Marketing

The behavior of a Mobile User –
• People on Mobile are very distracted or they display a distracting form of behavior meaning the average attention span of a user on Mobile is very low. REASON : Notifications => Multitasking => Distraction
• Maximum Time – 10 Seconds 
• Compact and Direct in Mobile Landing Pages/Webpage
• People have resistance towards filling web forms on mobile phones. REASON: People tend to get irritated while filling up web forms because the keyword hides the half screen and they also have a little difficulty in typing in Mobile
• People are more Call Friendly on Mobile Phone, hence clickable phone numbers become an extremely important part of Mobile Landing Pages
How to Make a Phone Number clickable?
• We need to create a link but a little different.
• <a href=”tel:7838489791”>7838489791</a>

Mobile Responsive Websites v/s Dedicated Mobile Websites –
The same website works for Mobile as well
• Responsive theme or Responsive Coding
• If no responsive theme in WordPress then use plugin Wp Tap
• Wptouch
• Non-Wordpress Website can use Mouse if not responsive to create a Mobile Responsive version

Dedicated Websites like http://m.popularizers.com and design short pages for it and then with the help of a coder we would have a redirect in tandem with the Screen Size of the Visitor.

Normally, it is done via .htaccess file (Coders know this, and can be found in Cpanel => File Manager, make sure you checkmark show hidden files)

And then we can apply a rule there, if Screen <  (Width * Height) px, then redirect to http://m.popularizers.com

For getting m.popularizers.com to use a subdomain to create one in Cpanel.

How to Create an Application?

Question – If you are a startup then what is an efficient option, a mobile website or a Mobile Application?
Answer – App, in the beginning, is not a good idea and the reason for it is that there is a lot of expenditure on Mobile Applications
1. We have to develop the app, let’s say we make a good one by spending 1,00,000 rupees
2. We would need 2 versions bare minimum, one Android and second ios so this becomes 2 *  1,00,000 = Rs 2,00,000
3. App Downloads – 10,000 downloads in a local city averaging at Rs 35 per Install (Cost of Advertising) leading to 3,50,000 INR
4. On an average a user would have 10-15 application on their phone, but peeps don’t use all 10 every day or rather they don’t use some apps at all so we would need to run Re-Engagement Ads to these inactive installers because if they don’t use my app then there is no benefit to the business. So we need to run engagement ads showcasing new features, discount coupons, and other luring things to get the user back to use our application! Again advertising cost and expenditure.! You can also use push notifications to re-engage the user!

There are 4 different ways to Create an Application!
1. Hire a coder/developer and give them your blueprint and get it done
2. We can make a basic application with the help of CMS app makers like Como app maker – http://my.como.com/discovery SAS platform at monthly recurring fees
3. Go to chupamobile.com and chose an app template and further we could get the changes done via a coder or a freelancer on upwork.com
4. We can use something like all app press and create our website into an application with one click! (http://sales.allapppress.com/buy/) 

Upload it to the iOS store or Google Play Store

1. You need to register as a developer with Apple (https://developer.apple.com)  or Google (https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/) 
2. For Apple – developer registration fee is 100$ per year and for Google Play Store there is a one-time fee of 25$
3. Then you have to prepare your app graphics like banners promotional videos and any other graphic required
4. Now you can submit your application for review, once reviewed your app would be live on iOS or Android Store

• InMobi 
• Airpush (Minimum Deposit – 50 $)
• Adwords

1. Go to your analytics account
2. Add a Segment called Mobile Traffic (It would pre-exist in segment list)
3. Now browse entire analytics for mobile traffic analysis

SMS Marketing –

DM – 12345     |       AD-INFODM

1. Transactional (They are used to convey some information like your order is out for delivery, we have received your order)
2. Promotional – Learn ADMTP to enhance your skills and get a promotion. Call 8800252775 for more information!

Database to which we would send these messages.

• Collect the database from your web forms
• Buy the database from data brokers (Event Managers, People who conduct IIT, IIM exams)


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