Content Marketing Notes – What is Content Marketing?(Updated 2023)

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Content Marketing – Intro

ü  Objective of content marketing

ü  Content marketing 7-step strategy building process

ü  18 types of content with examples

ü  How to write great compelling content?

ü  Keyword research for content ideas

ü  Optimizing content for search engines

ü  Discussing authority blog

ü  Steps towards developing an authority blog

ü  Ways to monetizing authority blog

ü  How to market your content?

ü  Debate- Doesn’t great content just spread by itself?

ü  Understanding the second customer

ü  Importance of the second customer

ü  How to increase the second customer

ü  Understanding online influencers

ü  10 ways to connect with online influencers

ü  35 unique ways to write magnetic headlines

ü  180 examples of magnetic headlines?

ü  How to increase the opt-in email list with content marketing with examples?

ü  5 top examples of content marketing from around the world

ü  Case study on content marketing

ü  Show…. don’t tell- with examples 

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing means – creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.

If you’re interested in marketing your business online (and who isn’t at this point), you can’t escape hearing about content marketing. It’s everywhere you look, or listen.

Content Marekting Example:

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps?

Content Marketing Strategy:

1-      Plan- Who you are, Where you are, where you want to be

2-      Audience- Who do you want to tell it to

3-      Story- What story do you want to tell

4-      Channel- Where you want to tell it (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Linkedin, Blog)

5-      Process- Create and Manage, Optimize, aggregate

6-      Conversations- Converse & listen (Interact with your audience)

7-      Measurement- Measure and learn. 

Types of Content Marketing

1-      News-

2-      Case studies-

3-      Reports- popularizers blog

4-      Ebooks- Hubspot

5-      Humor-,,

6-      Videos- Hubspot TV

7-      Webinars-

8-      Podcasts- Jon Loomer

9-      E-magazines

10-    How-to- guides- Hubspot

11-    Interviews- Popularizers  blog

12-    Events coverage- Mashable

13-    Daily experiences-

14-    Answering questions- Google Webmasters

15-    Examples from industry-

16-    Guest posting-

17-    Quilting content together

18-    Authority blog- Hubspot

Building an Authority Blog

An authority blog targets a specific market or group of like-minded individuals. It is designed to be the ultimate resource for that topic. Its primary goal isn’t to make an instant sale. Instead, the site is used to educate the user in order to establish a long-term (but profitable) relationship.

The Development Process

There will be three phases for any new blog:

Phase 1 – Building The Foundation

This will be pretty much like building a niche site. I will do basic stuff like:

ü  Choosing domain and hosting. (subdomain or a new domain)

ü  Setting up a website. (WordPress)

ü  Content planning & keyword research. (Content marketing strategy 7 steps process)

ü  Create a publishing schedule (A routine of when what type of content will be posted and how it will be marketed)

ü  Hiring content writers. (full-time/part-time from,,,,

ü  Creating rich valuable content. (new content or skyscraper method(Modify old content and make it better) )

ü  Marketing content.

Phase 2 – Authority Building

This phase will focus on creating massively valuable content that attracts shares and links naturally. We will also start reaching out to bloggers and developing relationships with them for guest blogging opportunities.

Creating content consistently is also a MUST for this phase. Building an authority blog is like a marathon, not a sprint. And don’t forget that it is a long-term process.

Phase 3 – Monetize

Although can start monetizing the site from day one with affiliate reviews, links, and suggestions, we would also begin to create my own products.

How to market your content?

1.      Social media

a.      Facebook

b.      Linkedin

c.       Twitter

d.      Instagram

2.  Directories- ebooks directories, infographic directories, video websites, etc

3.  Multiple versions of the same content- for eg- an article can be made available in a podcast, can be converted into an infographic, can be posted on Slideshare in form of a PPT, etc 

4.  Find who has linked to similar content in the past- this can be done by using tools like OSE, Majestic SEO

5.  Connect with Influencers (See the 10-step guide on how to connect with influencers online)

6. Forums- Search for forums related to your industry and create multiple accounts on them and help people by providing more info with your content

7.  Guestpost- This will not give you thousands of visitors but traffic coming in via a guest post will not just be a visitor but maybe a second customer or follower.

8.  Email- At times Old is gold. Promoting your piece of content via email is very common but a highly effective method. Shooting e-mailers to your opt-in list increase followers and build second customers with a better brand image.

↦ Time for Some Debate

↦ Making of the Second Customer

↦ Guest blogging to increase visibility

↦ Online Influencers

How to become an online influencer?

Create Relevant and  Unique Content

Sync up your audience’s interests with your area of expertise to create content that answers common questions, solves a problem, entertains, or enlightens. Also, content variety and using different types of content are very important. Not everyone likes to read an 800 words post. Not every visitor will be in the mood to watch your video. Not everyone goes to the office with an earphone to listen to their podcasts. Hence, play with content types and don’t be a stereotype.

Josh Kaufman created the Personal MBA to empower professionals to educate themselves more effectively, quickly, and cheaply than they could with a traditional MBA. That’s remarkable.

None of those people has any trouble making connections with influencers … because they’ve done something that lots of people will want to know more about.

How to write Magnetic Headlines

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

Your headlines must:

·         ↠ Be USEFUL to the reader,

·         ↠ Provide him with a sense of URGENCY,

·         ↠ Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow

How to increase the opt-in list with content marketing?

§  Pop up at visitor’s arrival

§  Pop up at tab closing (

§  Providing useful content in the form of ebooks, and case studies in return for subscriptions

§  Engaging traffic and no: of pages per visit

§  Free trials, demo

§  Increasing trust with powerful content

§  Subscribing for newsletters

§  Subscribing for old webinars

§  Free short courses

How to Write Powerful Effective Articles for SEO

How to write powerful articles.

Introduction – Article writing rules

what is an article?

An article is a piece of writing which we usually find printed in magazines and newspapers.

Format for Article writing

⇾ Heading – byline – for example, Date, Name, Place, Newspaper, Content.

Rules for writing an effective article:

Rule: 1

Heading – 

⇾ The first letter of every word capital – for example: How to wash a car without water.

⇾ Eye Catching Content should be written.

⇾ Should give a crisp idea of the theme.

Rule: 2

By Line –

⇾ Essential

⇾ Name of the writer

⇾ Date, and Place.

Rule: 3

Introductory paragraph (opening of an article) –

⇾ Catch attention

⇾ Create interest

⇾ Clear & Precise language

⇾ Planned to be written.

Rule: 4

Develop the content use –

⇾ Fact

⇾ Examples

⇾ Logical agreement

Rule: 5

Compare and contrast technique –

⇾ Giving point of view or examples to justify your viewpoint.

Rule: 6

Conclude –

⇾ summing up your views gives offers, suggestions, solutions, etc.

Rule: 7

Don’t –

⇾ be too descriptive about irrelevant

⇾ Follow the format and also the word limit (if given)

⇾ Thanks for reading I hope you understood these Article writing rules for beginners.

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