50+ Free PDF Submission Sites – Updated 2023

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As a digital marketer or SEO expert, you must have heard of PDF submissions. It’s one of the most effective SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website. PDF submission sites are platforms that allow you to upload your PDF documents for public use. This way, your PDF files can be indexed and crawled by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to optimize your PDFs for SEO and the top benefits of submitting PDFs to these sites.

How to Optimize Your PDFs for SEO

To get the most out of your PDF submission efforts, it’s crucial to optimize your PDF files for SEO. Below are some tips for optimizing your PDFs for better search engine rankings:

  1. Use keywords in the file name: Use relevant keywords in the file name before uploading your PDF files. This will help search engines understand what your PDF is about.
  2. Optimize the PDF Title: The title of your PDF is an essential factor that affects search engine ranking. So make sure to add the relevant keywords in your PDF title.
  3. Optimize the PDF Content: Add the relevant keywords in your PDF’s content, including the header tags, meta descriptions, and image alt tags.
  4. Include internal and external links: Including links to your website and other relevant sources can boost your SEO ranking.
  5. Add a Customized Description: Add a customized description to your PDF document, including relevant keywords, to provide a better understanding of what the file is about.

Benefits of PDF Submission for SEO

Boosts Search Engine Ranking: Submitting PDFs to high authority sites can boost your website’s search engine ranking.

  • Drives Traffic: Submitting PDFs to various sites can help generate backlinks and drive more traffic to your website.
  • Better User Experience: Providing users with relevant PDF files can help them find valuable information and improve their user experience.
  • Brand Awareness: PDF submissions can help increase brand awareness and build credibility for your business.

PDF Submission Sites for Different Niches

There are several PDF submission sites available online. However, it’s essential to find the ones that are relevant to your niche. Below are some top PDF submission sites for different niches:

  • Slideshare.net: This site is excellent for submitting PDFs for business, marketing, and educational niches.
  • Issuu.com: This site is ideal for submitting PDFs for fashion and lifestyle niches.
  • Scribd.com: This site is perfect for submitting PDFs for literature, writing, and educational niches.
  • Calameo.com: This site is ideal for submitting PDFs for travel, photography, and art niches.


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List of PDF Submission Sites DA 91-100

  • slideshare.net
  • issuu.com
  • scribd.com
  • calameo.com
  • lulu.com
  • mediafire.com
  • box.com
  • smashwords.com
  • 4shared.com
  • zoho.com
  • rapidshare.com
  • sendspace.com
  • box.net
  • wattpad.com
  • docstoc.com
  • gamefront.com
  • yudu.com
  • keepandshare.com
  • letitbit.net
  • depositfiles.com
  • feedbooks.com
  • authorstream.com
  • manybooks.net
  • sliderocket.com
  • mininova.org
  • filefactory.com
  • free-ebooks.net
  • en.pdf24.org
  • thinkfree.com
  • zshare.net
  • esnips.com
  • hotfile.com
  • divshare.com
  • isohunt.com
  • rapidshare.de
  • fileden.com
  • slideboom.com
  • datafilehost.com
  • officelive.com
  • edocr.com
  • 2shared.com
  • speedyshare.com
  • tizag.com
  • ziddu.com
  • uploading.com
  • ioffer.com
  • badongo.com
  • memoware.com
  • freepdfhosting.com
  • uploaded.to
  • filestube.com
  • easy-share.com
  • crocko.com
  • libraryelf.com
  • slideserve.com
  • huddle.net
  • freecomputerbooks.com
  • senduit.com
  • gigasize.com
  • e-library.net
  • mirrorcreator.com
  • yourfilelink.com
  • turboupload.com
  • powershow.com
  • ifile.it
  • wikiupload.com
  • pdfcast.org
  • torrentportal.com
  • examcollection.com
  • megafileupload.com
  • files.com
  • myplick.com
  • fliiby.com
  • uploadingit.com
  • glasscubes.com
  • bigupload.com
  • knowfree.net
  • filecloud.io
  • yudufreedom.com
  • hdoxtop.com
  • leokrut.com
  • snipfiles.com
  • hwisdomebooks.com
  • wepapers.com
  • host-a.net
  • slingfile.com
  • slideworld.com
  • gazhoo.com
  • bitroad.net
  • docuter.com
  • bookswealth.com
  • kewlshare.com
  • midupload.com
  • ebooks-uk.com
  • pdf-submission-site.info
  • doocu.co
  • free-pdf-ebook.com
  • wupload.in
  • persianupload.net
  • paperbackswap.com
  • 4shared.com
  • diigo.com
  • visual.ly
  • worldranklist.com
  • pearltrees.com
  • uploaded.net
  • wikiupload.co
  • gofile.io
  • glasscubes.co
  • wolf777.com
  • en.calameo.com
  • zippyshare.com
  • turbobit.net
  • bebee.com
  • uploadarticle.com
  • awaysomearticle.com
  • storeboard.com
  • trendyread.com
  • gigabox.com
  • slideonline.com
  • sharepresentation.com
  • yumpu.com
  • docdroid.net
  • pdf-archive.com
  • cyboserver.com
  • youblisher.com
  • pdfescape.com
  • dochub.com
  • pdfhost.net
  • pinpdf.com
  • academia.edu
  • emaze.com
  • filedropper.com
  • slides.com
  • mirrored.to
  • transferbigfiles.com
  • presentationpro.com
  • zentation.com


Is it necessary to optimize PDFs before submitting them to PDF submission sites?

Yes, it’s crucial to optimize your PDFs for better search engine ranking.

How many PDFs can I submit to a PDF submission site?

It depends on the submission guidelines of the site. However, it’s recommended to submit one PDF per day to avoid any penalties from Google.

Can PDF submissions hurt my SEO efforts?

Submitting PDFs to low-quality sites can hurt your SEO efforts. So, it’s crucial to submit your PDFs to high-quality and relevant sites.


PDF submission is an effective SEO technique to drive traffic and improve search engine ranking. By following the tips and guidelines in this blog, you can optimize your PDFs for better search engine ranking and take advantage of the benefits of submitting PDFs to PDF submission sites. So start submitting your PDFs to high-quality sites and see how it can benefit your SEO efforts.

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