120+ Image Submission Sites List 2023

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Images are an essential component of website design and are an excellent way to communicate with your audience. However, images also play a significant role in search engine optimization (SEO), as they can help to improve your website’s visibility and rankings on search engines. Image submission sites are platforms that allow you to upload, store and share your images online, thereby providing an excellent opportunity to improve your website’s SEO. This article will explore the importance of image submission sites and their benefits for SEO.

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

When optimizing your images for SEO, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • File Name: When saving your images, make sure to use relevant keywords in the file name. This will help search engines understand the context of the image and improve your rankings.
  • Alt Text: Alt text is a description of an image that is displayed when the image cannot be loaded. Using relevant keywords in your alt text can help search engines understand the content of the image and improve your website’s visibility.
  • Image Size: Large images can slow down your website’s loading speed, which can negatively impact your SEO. Compressing your images and reducing their size can help to improve your website’s loading speed and SEO.
  • Captions and Descriptions: Including captions and descriptions with your images can help to improve your website’s user experience and SEO. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your captions and descriptions to improve your rankings.

Tips for Submitting Images to Image-Sharing Sites

Submitting your images to image-sharing sites is an excellent way to improve your website’s SEO. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your image submission efforts:

  • Choose the Right Image-Sharing Sites: There are many image-sharing sites available, but not all of them are equal. Make sure to choose sites that are relevant to your niche and have high domain authority.
  • Optimize Your Images: Before submitting your images, make sure to optimize them for SEO using the tips outlined above.
  • Include Relevant Keywords: Including relevant keywords in your image titles, descriptions, and tags can help to improve your visibility on search engines.
  • Interact with Other Users: Interacting with other users on image-sharing sites can help to improve your visibility and attract more followers.

Benefits of Image Submission for SEO

Image submission sites offer several benefits for SEO, including:

  • Increased Visibility: Submitting your images to image-sharing sites can help to increase your website’s visibility on search engines.
  • Backlinks: Image-sharing sites allow you to include a link back to your website, which can help to improve your website’s rankings and visibility.
  • Improved User Experience: Including images on your website can help to improve the user experience, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.
  • Increased Traffic: Image submission sites can attract a large audience, which can help to drive more traffic to your website.

Image Submission Sites for Different Niches

There are many image submission sites available for different niches, including:

  1. Shutterstock: A popular image submission site for stock photos and illustrations.
  2. Instagram: A social media platform that allows you to submit and share your images.
  3. Flickr: A popular image submission site for photographers.
  4. Pinterest: A social media platform that allows you to create and share image collections.

Best Free Image Sharing Sites list of 2023

List of Image Submission Sites DA 91-100

  • linkedin.com
  • amazon.com
  • facebook.com
  • vk.com
  • dropbox.com
  • en.gravatar.com
  • 4shared.com
  • google.com/photos
  • imageshack.us
  • in.pinterest.com
  • mediafire.com
  • myspace.com
  • photos.google.com
  • pixabay.com
  • scribd.com
  • twitter.com
  • dreamstime.com
  • fotos.sapo.pt
  • imageshack.com
  • instagram.com
  • photobucket.com
  • s1082.photobucket.com
  • unsplash.com
  • yourshot.nationalgeographic.com
  • behance.net
  • cloudinary.com
  • dribbble.com
  • evernote.com
  • flickr.com
  • giphy.com
  • imgur.com
  • reddit.com
  • scoop.it
  • crunchyroll.com
  • flipboard.com
  • postimage.org
  • snapchat.com
  • zippyshare.com
  • diigo.com
  • houzz.com
  • knowyourmeme.com
  • postimages.org
  • dpreview.com
  • ebaumsworld.com
  • photo.walgreens.com
  • pixlr.com
  • plurk.com
  • pbase.com
  • zoho.com
  • filedropper.com
  • fineartamerica.com
  • freeimages.com
  • redbubble.com
  • visual.ly
  • 500px.com
  • imagevenue.com
  • list.ly
  • pearltrees.com
  • web.500px.com
  • datafilehost.com
  • fotolog.com
  • thinglink.com
  • docdroid.net
  • photo.net
  • screencast.com
  • fanpop.com
  • befunky.com
  • ello.co
  • polyvore.com
  • imgbb.com
  • picturepush.com
  • tumblr.com
  • weheartit.com
  • couchsurfing.com
  • freeimagehosting.net
  • snapfish.com
  • yfrog.com
  • mix.com
  • morguefile.com
  • tripadvisor.in
  • webshots.com
  • edocr.com
  • fotki.com
  • funnyjunk.com
  • gifyu.com
  • lomography.com
  • myheritage.com
  • public.fotki.com
  • fancy.com
  • wanelo.com
  • deviantart.com
  • lookbook.nu
  • stocktwits.com
  • zerochan.net
  • cincopa.com
  • cubeupload.com
  • photobox.co.uk
  • favim.com
  • dronestagr.am
  • ipernity.com
  • imageevent.com
  • myalbum.com
  • pixieset.com
  • keepandshare.com
  • turboimagehost.com
  • indulgy.com
  • krop.com
  • imagefra.me
  • livejournal.com
  • pasteboard.co
  • dropshots.com
  • storeboard.com
  • tinyprints.com
  • zenfolio.com
  • dropmark.com
  • transferbigfiles.com
  • imageupload.co.uk
  • phanfare.com
  • 23hq.com
  • betterphoto.com
  • slickpic.com
  • youpic.com
  • fotothing.com
  • thefreesite.com
  • artlimited.net
  • aminus3.com
  • metroflog.com
  • shutterfly.com
  • freeimageslive.co.uk
  • smugmug.com
  • yarabook.com
  • yogile.com
  • imagehousing.com
  • imgsrc.ru
  • fotobabble.com
  • postimage.io
  • winkflash.com
  • blujay.com
  • ritzpix.com
  • chevereto.com
  • pixady.com
  • galleryproject.org
  • pix.ie
  • clipix.com
  • juxtapost.com
  • picturesocial.com
  • unitymix.com
  • skinnyscoop.com
  • yuuby.com
  • expono.com
  • front.expono.com
  • imageno.com
  • imgbin.org
  • imageupload.net
  • seenit.in
  • pickle.com
  • humblevoice.com
  • soup.io
  • koffeephoto.com
  • charmboard.com
  • skyrock.com
  • fotoflock.com
  • myphotopipe.com
  • photrade.com
  • photozig.com
  • photofolio.co.uk
  • freespace.com.au
  • interestpin.com
  • myphoto.eu
  • wantr.com
  • catalystapps.net
  • tabulas.co


Are all image submission sites free?

No, some image submission sites require a fee for their services.

Can I submit copyrighted images to image submission sites?

No, it is illegal to submit copyrighted images without the owner’s permission.

How many images should I submit to image-sharing sites?

It Depends on your choice but If you’re making an album of images so you need to upload a minimum of 5 to 10 Images.


In conclusion, image submission is a great way to increase your website’s visibility and drive traffic to your site. By optimizing your images for SEO and submitting them to relevant image sharing sites, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract new visitors to your website. It’s important to choose the right image submission sites for your niche, and to follow best practices for optimizing and submitting your images. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can take advantage of the benefits of image submission and give your website a boost in search engine rankings and visibility.

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