70+ Edu Sites list of 2023

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.EDU submission sites are websites that are operated by educational institutions, such as universities and colleges. These sites are highly respected in the online world because they provide authoritative information and resources. .EDU backlinks are considered one of the most valuable types of backlinks because they are associated with high-quality content and have a strong domain authority. In this article, we will discuss the process of .EDU submission, the benefits of using .EDU submission sites, and provide a list of some of the top .EDU submission sites for 2023.

Process of Submitting websites on EDU Sites

The process of .EDU submission is similar to other types of link building. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Research and identify the best .EDU submission sites related to your niche.
  • Create high-quality and relevant content to share on these sites.
  • Reach out to the site owners or webmasters via email or contact form.
  • Provide them with your content and request them to publish it on their site.
  • Once your content is published, you will get a high-quality backlink from the .EDU site.

Benefits of Submitting your websites on EDU Sites

Using .EDU submission sites for link building has many benefits, such as:

  • Higher Domain Authority: .EDU sites are well-established and have a high domain authority. Getting backlinks from these sites can increase your website’s domain authority.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings: Getting backlinks from .EDU sites can improve your website’s search engine rankings as search engines consider these links as high-quality backlinks.
  • Increased Traffic: By submitting your content to .EDU sites, you can attract more visitors to your website and increase your traffic.
  • Authority and Credibility: As mentioned earlier, .EDU sites are highly respected in the online world. By getting backlinks from these sites, you can improve your website’s authority and credibility.

Top Free High DA .Edu Sites List by Domain Score:

  1. 91-100
  2. 81-90
  3. 71-80
  4. 61-70
  5. 51-60
  6. 41-50
  7. 31-40
  8. 21-30
  9. 11-20
  10. 01-10.

List of .Edu Sites DA 91-100

  • pty.vanderbilt.edu
  • calmu.edu
  • startup.nujs.edu
  • bi.edu
  • students.ashworthcollege.edu
  • blog.online.colostate.edu
  • healthcare.utah.edu
  • providence.edu
  • swccd.edu
  • vhcc.edu
  • clinton.edu
  • brookings.edu
  • oc.edu
  • harvard.edu
  • babson.edu
  • cuny.edu
  • oberlin.edu
  • rasmussen.edu
  • hanover.edu
  • stevenshenager.edu
  • umbc.edu
  • antiochschool.edu
  • warner.edu
  • baystate.edu
  • usc.edu
  • wustl.edu
  • cc-sd.edu
  • vanderbilt.edu
  • nujs.edu
  • ashworthcollege.edu
  • colostate.edu
  • utah.edu
  • fit.edu
  • uta.edu
  • ucsd.edu
  • umn.edu
  • lincolnchristian.edu
  • cshl.edu
  • sdsu.edu
  • buffalo.edu
  • purdue.edu
  • missouri.edu
  • ohio-state.edu
  • erau.edu
  • uiuc.edu
  • uh.edu
  • umich.edu
  • colorado.edu
  • toronto.edu
  • ithaca.edu
  • caltech.edu
  • mines.edu
  • yale.edu
  • scranton.edu
  • northwestern.edu
  • potsdam.edu
  • ucsc.edu
  • sunysb.edu
  • asu.edu
  • columbia.edu
  • wisc.edu
  • centre.edu
  • ucla.edu
  • uark.edu
  • uga.edu
  • uoregon.edu
  • uakron.edu
  • ucsb.edu
  • umassd.edu
  • uwosh.edu
  • nyu.edu
  • msstate.edu
  • cornell.edu
  • vt.edu
  • csufresno.edu
  • utexas.edu
  • bu.edu
  • cune.edu
  • tamu.edu
  • graceland.edu
  • lipscomb.edu
  • health.harvard.edu
  • msw.usc.edu
  • jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu
  • onlinelaw.wustl.edu
  • ebiquity.umbc.edu
  • ecurrent.fit.edu
  • blogs.babson.edu
  • blogs.providence.edu
  • blogs.hanover.edu
  • blog.antiochschool.edu


Do all .EDU submission sites provide dofollow backlinks?

No, some .EDU sites may provide nofollow backlinks. However, even nofollow links from .EDU sites can still provide some benefits for your website.

Is it difficult to get backlinks from .EDU sites?

Yes, it can be difficult to get backlinks from .EDU sites as they receive a lot of requests for link building. However, by creating high-quality and relevant content, you can increase your chances of getting a backlink.

Are .EDU submission sites only for educational websites?

No, .EDU submission sites can be used by any type of website, provided that the content is relevant and high-quality.


Using .EDU submission sites can be a great way to improve your website’s search engine rankings, traffic, authority, and credibility. By following the process outlined above and creating high-quality and relevant content, you can get valuable backlinks from some of the top .EDU sites for 2023.

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